His Third Wife

Octavia has a unique way of approaching love and heartache. –APOOO Book Club

In her award-winning novel His First Wife, Essence® bestselling author Grace Octavia introduced Jamison Jackson, a man on his way up. But in this explosive follow-up, he discovers the top isn’t the safest place for a man with a past. . .

A secret dark past and a string of messy affairs haven’t stopped self-made millionaire Jamison Jackson from becoming mayor of Atlanta. But while he may have a gorgeous new wife and new alliances, he can’t quite escape his past and those who want to see him fail. There’s his jilted first wife, a lover he’d rather forget, and a ruthless faction of old guard politicians and power lords who have no problem getting blood on their hands. And the fact that Jamison’s ambitious current wife, Val, schemed and blackmailed her way into his arms–despite his mother’s not-so-subtle warnings–is far from the least of his problems. Because everyone’s got something to gain from Jamison’s losses–and as the games begin, more than his career may be at stake.

Praise for Grace Octavia

“The final revelation is shocking.” —RT Book Reviews on His First Wife 

“Octavia doesn’t pave an easy road to love, which makes the journey  much more interesting and satisfying.” –USAToday.com on What He’s Been Missing

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