Something She Can Feel

For a woman with her future all mapped out, life’s about to go in a whole new direction…

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, may not be glamorous, but for Journey Cash, the small Southern town has always been enough. She has a loving husband, a great family, and she brings the house down at church with her beautiful, thunderous singing voice. But Journey wonders if her years as an obedient preacher’s daughter have kept her from living the life she is meant to live…

When Dame, one of her former students, comes to visit after striking it big as a rap star, Journey gets a taste of the fast-lane life that has passed her by. Dame is exciting, unpredictable, and sexy, and Journey is ready to trade in her seemingly perfect existence to simply feel one thing that’s real. Soon, she finds herself running from everything in her world into the arms of Dame—and the ride of her life…

“This wonderful book holds your attention from beginning to end. There are surprises at every turn, and no detail is left unexplained…This book will inspire you to take charge of your own life.” —Romantic Times

“Entertaining from the start.” –APOOO Book Club

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2 thoughts on “Something She Can Feel”

  1. I just finished Something She Can Feel it was absolutely wonderful! I can truly say I have another favorite author.

    1. Hermione, Thanks for reading. I enjoyed writing that book! Certainly my favorite. It was a little long, but I really wanted to share Journey’s story. For an update about her life, check out What He’s Been Missing. She’s a character in that novel. To add, there are other characters in What He’s Been Missing who begin their stories in Should Have Know Better. Thanks for sharing!


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